Center for Energy and Sustainable Development

The Center for Energy and Sustainable Development (CESD) brings together energy experts from many different fields and disciplines to conduct interdisciplinary educational and research activities that focus on energy-related issues that affect Turkey and its surrounding regions. The center seeks to share the information, commentary, and analyses that emerge from these activities with both a national and international audience and help contribute to sustainable economic development. It also aims to strengthen the reputation of Kadir Has in the field of energy, both in producing work that meets international standards and expanding the scope of the university’s educational and research activities. Finally, the center’s master’s program in Energy and Sustainable Development seeks to help educate a new cadre of young professionals who can tackle the various energy challenges that we will face in the twenty-first century. 


To be a world-renowned research and application center, to which the international community turns for reliable scientific analyses and evaluations based on interdisciplinary studies of energy and sustainable development. 


Through interdisciplinary educational and research activities on various energy issues at the local, regional and global level, the center seeks to train the human power needed to solve the world's pressing energy problems and to share the data, interpretations, and analyses produced from its studies on energy and sustainable development with the national and international academic community, as well as with the public at-large.